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Winners of the illustrious OUBO trophy, Order of Merit and WOoM.

YearThe OUBO Order of MeritWOoM
2017You? Anyone?Void
2016Steven Vincent Andy CouzensVoid
2015Andy Helliwell Richard BuckVoid
2014Geoff Knowd Mark OsborneVoid
2013Dan TeeceDan TeeceDom Bott
Andy Couzens
2012Mark Cooke Ian WillisVoid
2011John HolderPaul SimpsonMat Roche
Mark Oliver
2010Mike BreezeChris HargreavesVoid
2009Marc ForrestKevin WoodheadVoid
2008Kristian KnowdChris HargreavesVoid
2007Matt RocheRick Walker -
2006Matt RocheRick Walker -
2005Bob JeffersonRick Walker -
2004Paul Simpson Rick Walker -
2003Stuart Burgess Andrew Sutcliffe -
2002Nick Dearden - -
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