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Unofficial Baildon Golf Club

Order of Merit


The OUBO Committes ruling on this years Majors for the Unofficial Baildon Golf Club Order of Merit is now resolved, and outlined below.
A minimum of two majors need to be included in a players overall record of scores. All majors are held and played at Baildon Golf Course during the Eclectic season.

|Club Cup|Dawn Chorus|Captains Day|DB Mann 1st Round|Made-up Major|Centenary Trophy|Presidents Day|

12th May Club Cup (Medal)

The Cup every Baildon Golf Club member wants to win starts with this Qualifier. The weather plays a major part in this competition and Baildon Moor's tempremental conditions affects golfers playing off a range of handicaps
High Handicappers pray for wind and a good round to take out the single figure golfers,who in turn are looking to turn in a solid par performance in steady conditions to see them through to the knockout stages.

24th June Dawn Chorus (Stableford)

Up and at 'em! Teeing off at the crack of sparrows might not be everyone's cup of tea, and the Dawn Chorus produces some scores that leave golfers wishing they'd stayed in bed. A shotgun start help to see everyone back in Baildon club house nice and early for a hearty breakfast and a few pints. This year the Dawn Chorus is being held the same day as the World Cup Final.

14th July Captain's Day

Mr Captain's day provides the Unofficial Baildon Golf Club Order of Merit with their third Major of the year, this competition is yet to be confirmed as a medal or stableford.

4th Aug DB Mann Trophy (1st Round)

The creation of a two day golf competition at Baildon Golf Club has been a welcome addition to the annual calendar. In the absence of an individual event on Presidents Day the DB Mann Trophy is an obvious choice as the replacement major.

1st Sept Made-up Major

Formed in 2012 at the expense of the long established Centernary Trophy major. The thought behind mmaking this major up was to spread out the events more evenly. Inclusion under review.

Previous Majors

7th July Centenary Trophy- (currently suspended from list for 2012)

Formed in 1996 to celebrate Baildon Golf Club's centenary year this competition has a fond association with the Official Unofficial Baildon Open golfing society, with a number of the members securing their name on the trophy.

25th Aug Presidents Day - (currently suspended from list for 2012) (Stableford)

This time it's Mr Pres's turn to put on the show at Baildon, as the last major of the season there is everything to play for, whether its improving on your current score or getting it that vital second major. IN the past few years this event has been a team event meaning that it has been excluded from the OoM

Good luck to all Baildon golfers competing out on the course this year

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